Advantages and disadvantages of condoms | Birth control information for teens

Advantages and disadvantages of condoms

Condoms are the easiest way to extra pregnancy protection. That also provides you to avoid others birth control methods like shot, ring, IUD, implant and the pill. Though it has some advantage and disadvantage. Here we know about advantages and disadvantages of condoms.

Advantages and disadvantages of condoms :

Disadvantages of Using a Condom

  • Several men blame that they can’t keep an erection subsequent to putting on a condom. Such types of distress are generally experienced typical thickness condoms. Thinner condoms should be attempted, which provide same defense.

Advantages and disadvantages of condoms

  • Putting on a condom is viewed as a spoilsport, as temperament gets demolished and erection is not the same. So you have to conscious about the putting on a condom.
  • Allergy to latex is another advance against the use of a condom. Individuals touchy to the chemicals in latex condoms must utilize condoms made of polyurethane. Besides, oil based lubricants, like body oils or salves, ought to never be utilized with latex condoms as oil can break up the latex inside minutes, and making harm a condom.
  • When utilizing a female condom, you must be additional careful. Guarantee that infiltration is inside a condom, not down the sides between the condom and vagina.
  • Condoms increment the friction, and some of the time in charge of an excessive amount of friction. An excessive amount of friction makes it hard to enter easily.
  • Men with erectile brokenness issue may have a troublesome time while putting on a condom. Interference of sexual act makes it hard to maintain the erection.
  • Condoms accessible in various sizes might mistake for a few. If you put on a wrong size, it might slip off amid sex. Accidental tear is another probability when opening the wrapper.
  • Women ought to be cautious with condoms, as their sharp fingernails can break or tear it.

Advantages and disadvantages of condoms

The advantages of using condoms are listed below

  • The most critical advantage of utilizing a condom is the reality it gives dependable insurance against undesirable pregnancies and sexually transmitted disorder. Condoms certainly score over anti-conception medication pills as they are powerful obstructions against the spread of STDs. It also reduces the chance of conceiving.
  • While performing oral sex, the benefit of utilizing a condom is made clear in the way that it keeps the transmission of STDs, for example, herpes.

Some others Advantages and disadvantages of condoms

  • Condoms are reasonable

Condoms are not much expensive. Most come in packs which as a rule cost under $20. Nowadays many clinics or programs provide condom without any cost.

  • Condoms are promptly open

They don’t require any medical check-ups or medicines and can be obtained over the counter at any supermarket, drug store or even service stations.

Advantages and disadvantages of condoms

  • Condoms are advantageous

Condoms are little in size, effortlessly covered, and prepared for quick utilize. They require no planning before utilize.

  • There is no postponement in ripeness after their utilization

Condoms are a great choice for those couples who are not having any desire to escape but rather may need a family soon. They are an exceptionally reversible anti-conception medication alternative.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of condoms. If we want to do sex without any types of hazards then we have to mind on those things.