Female condoms vs Male condoms | Test of Female vs Male condoms

female condoms vs male condoms

Condoms are really an amazing invention. Today’s article is the difference between female condoms vs male condoms. Condoms are hindrance type of conception prevention, they are accessible for both the men and ladies. In addition to the fact that they are powerful at helping you not get pregnant, but rather likewise they help keep you from getting an STI. Male condoms have been around any longer than female condoms.

A lady can now utilize the female condom to shield herself from ailment and parenthood and didn’t really needs to depend on the person to utilize a condom. Female condom fits inside the vagina and the male condoms totally cover the penis. Here given the difference between female condoms vs male condoms.

female condoms vs male condoms

Female condoms vs Male condoms difference:


The male condom is easily available where the female condom is relatively low availability. Male condoms easy to find at pharmacies, grocery stores, and doctor offices. Sometimes male condom is free on different sites such as Obamacare, or different pharmacies.

The female condom is usually not found at stores. You may get them from a doctor or you can order it in online. It’s also free in Obamacare.



Female condoms are relatively expensive than male condoms. For MALE: Latex condoms cost $5 for 12 packs. Polyurethane condoms cost about $7 for a 6 pack. Natural lamb condoms cost $8 for 12 pack. For Female: $10 for a 5 pack.



Both the condoms give compelling security against sexually transmitted sicknesses (STDs) and undesirable pregnancy.

Male condoms are thought to be more compelling than female condoms. They (male condoms) are 85% viable for conception prevention while female condoms are 75 % compelling prophylactic strategy.



With female condoms, you can either utilize oil-based or water-based lubricants. On the off chance that you are utilizing male latex condoms then just water based lubricants can be utilized. In any case, if the condom is comprised of polyurethane or sheep digestive system then you can securely utilize any sort of ointment.



The male condom must be set on the penis promptly before intercourse when the man has an erection. The female condom can be embedded up to 8 hours before intercourse.



“Comfort” and “condoms” are antonyms for men. A few people whine that it is hard to embed female condoms, particularly the internal edge of the condom. Some condemn them for the way that they move amid the demonstration and is truly diverting. In actuality, male condom cozily fits around the penis and remains in its place while you engage in sexual relations.



For Male: After sex, hold the external edge as the man hauls his penis out of the lady. At that point, the condom can be effectively slid off and discarded.

For Female:  After sex, tenderly pull on the external edge and haul the condom out of the lady.


Other Difference:

  • Male condoms have tight ring toward one side that is intended to hold to on penis. Rings at end of female condoms are implied for shield it from slipping into a body
  • Female condoms are made of polyurethane. However, a few organizations are likewise utilizing nitrile to make female condoms. In actuality, male condoms are made from different materials, for example, latex, polyurethane and sheep entrails.
  • A few people complain that female condoms make noise amid sex. Be that as it may, this issue can be evaded by utilizing additional lubricants.

This is about female condoms vs male condoms difference.

female condoms vs male condoms