How to use a female condoms | Use of female condoms on image & video

How to use condoms with images

How to use condoms with images and procedure for female

Female condoms are more comfortable and enjoyable than male ones and some can be embedded up to eight hours preceding sex. The thought is to utilize the item appropriately for most extreme joy and advantage. These are the way to How to use condoms with images and some important steps for female.

How to use condoms with images and best easiest procedure for a female ever:

Step -01:   

While purchasing a condom, keep in mind to check the expiration date on the pack of that condom.

How to use condoms with images

Step -02:

Before you open the pack, ensure you tenderly crush the pack so that the oil spreads equitably inside the condom. Presently, tear open the bundle as coordinated to evacuate the condom.

Step -03:

Although the condom is lubricated up as well, you can put an ointment on the condom to further lower your possibility of getting pregnant.

How to use condoms with images

This will likewise make it less demanding to embed the condom. you can use oil based and water based lubricate.

Step -04:

To enter the condom, locate an agreeable position with the end goal that you can without much of a stretch get to your vagina.


How to use condoms with images

For this, you can squat, put one leg on a seat and other on the ground, sit on the edge of the seat or even rests.

Step -05:

Once you get the position right, now press the sides of the inward ring at the shut end together. The condom has a thick inward ring and a thin external ring. The condom may slip in light of the oil, however, ensure you hold it solidly before embeddings it into the vagina.

Step -06:

Now enter the condom into your vagina.

How to use condoms with images

You can utilize your finger to push the condom beyond what many would consider possible with the goal that it achieves the cervix.

Step -07:

Once the condom achieves the cervix, you won’t feel it any longer as the condom extends normally.

How to use condoms with images

In any case, on the off chance that regardless you feel it inside, it implies that you haven’t embedded it legitimately. In such cases, evacuate and embed legitimately.

Step -08:

If you are finished with entering the condom, then gradually haul your finger out. Be that as it may, before you do as such, guarantee that external ring of the condom is hanging an inch outside the vagina. On the off chance that that is not the situation, check if the inward ring is legitimately embedded or not.

Step -09:

Now you are prepared for sex. Ensure you direct your accomplice’s penis into the condom and not into space between the condom and the mass of the vagina.

How to use condoms with images

You don’t need to be watchful with your development as the condom may move from side to side. In any case, in the event that you feel that the condom has turned out or turned out to be free. You can re-embed it if your accomplice hasn’t discharged yet.

so, these are the way to how to use condoms with images and the procedure for a female to using it. You can follow these procedures and make you safe more.